hi. i’m melissa.

I am educated in multiple disciplines including yoga, homeopathy, dance, nutrition + environmental engineering. My focus for the past ten years has been the study + practice of shadow integration as a lightning path to empowerment.

I’m here to help you achieve your goals. As we work together, I can::
  • guide you in shadow work to overcome recurring patterns
  • provide deep listening, insight + accountability to help you meet your goals + inspire growth
    • recommend sustainable shifts to improve your energy + overall health


    • help you navigate a healing path out of chronic illness + pharmaceutical dependence


  • help you get the most benefit out of the foods you eat
  • assist you in exploration of movement + increasing flexibility
  • connect you with your deep passions + attain success bringing your genius fully into the world

supportive practices + lifestyle choices

Movement + play have always been a driving force in my life + on my path to finding optimal health.  I have been teaching various modalities of yoga + movement since receiving my certification in 2001 after an intensive training at Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica.

As a life-long dancer, my practice began in early childhood.  Since then I have studied many forms of dance including modern, temple, + West African, the form I’ve focused on for the past 14 years. As an avid participant in the circus community, I’ve been learning, playing + teaching acro yoga + hoop dance for over 10 years. Beginning 7 years ago I developed a love for aerial silks + now incorporate the flow of various fabric forms into my movement.

My journey included a transformational experience in 2011, wherein I realized the awesome healing + contemplative power of breath + movement utilized in my own growth + evolution.   I’ve set out on a mission to help others bring its potency into their own lives.

After the birth of my children, as I saw food from a new perspective + I began to study nutrition.  I learned about traditional diets + gut health as the basis for a strong immune system.  I find immense joy in creating recipes from whole + nutrient-dense foods, limiting sugars + while enhancing nutrition.

With a passion for ancient cultural movement + ritual, I have gladly accepted any chance to travel the world + steep within these sacred forms. As an avid music connoisseur, I’ve devoted thousands of hours in ecstatic prayer, dancing in co-creation with live sonic textures. I have taught + performed at festivals including Sonic Bloom, Unifier, DiscJam, YarmonyGrass, + Strangecreek. My life’s early focus on mathematics informs my movement.  Exploration of exotic time signatures + polyrhythms is a meditation for releasing thought + ego, where peak moments create a channel for divine flow + communication.

I live in a geodesic dome homestead with my husband, Christiaan + 3 children, Cobe, Kai + Naiomi. I have a degree in environmental engineering + love to share my passion for play, nutrient-dense nutrition, practical homeopathy + the environment with any who wish to explore.

here in this body are the sacred rivers; here are the sun + moon as well as all the pilgrimage places…i have not encountered another temple as blissful as my own body.


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