Alchemical Movement is an evolutionary movement modality designed to free the body + mind from the confines of fear, judgment + insecurity.  It is a contemplative methodology + dance practice which can transmute repressed energies of the shadow [unconscious beliefs, blocks + limiting patterns] into a healing elixir for the soul + the world around us.

Through embodiment we reclaim power from the wounds of stigma + dissociation, releasing guilt + shame.

This is a return to the wisdom of the body; ancient earth traditions, celebratory + healing rituals of our shared human ancestry. The utilization of sacred + inspired movement to honor the spirit of all creation.


We have reached a choice point on this incredible planet. We have instant access to global information, giving us unfettered views of the devastation we have caused as a species.

We are now living lives at full speed, pulled in several directions at once.  Many of us are wanting desperately to do something to help achieve harmony with nature, but we’re simultaneously overwhelmed by our own lists of joyless responsibilities.

By choosing to activate through movement, we gain an inner strength + trust.

We have the tools we need to solve every problem that exists + by empowering ourselves in our own bodies we gain the confidence to begin weaving our own life force into earth’s tapestry.

Stomp the medicine into the earth. Release vibrational healing into the ethers. Pulse the tonic of song into the waters.

Every movement we make with intention is an opportunity to direct our vital essence towards restoring balance + radiance. We choose now, because there is no more time to wait.

to have

free will

to move through

space + time

can be an

ecstatic pleasure

“dancing can reveal all the mystery that music conceals”

-Charles Baudelaire



experience embodied movement with a guided session


 1-hr session to dip your toes into the paradigm of embodied movement.

sessions include::

  • 5-min guided meditation
  • 10-min yoga//qigong warm-up
  • 30-min guided movement
  • 10-min thai massage
  • 5-min sivasana




private session to take a full plunge into movement + shadow work


2-hr session offers a deep dive into movement + personal shadow work.

sessions include::

  • tea ceremony
  • goal setting
  • shadow work exercises
  • meditation
  • guided movement session
  • 15-min thai massage




group process movement + ceremony with gentle guidance


2-hr sessions offer gentle group process, ritual, movement + shadow work.

sessions include::

  • tea ceremony
  • goal setting
  • shadow work
  • guided meditation +movement
  • 15-min thai sequence

$100 pp first 2

+$50 pp up to 7


“nobody cares if you can’t dance well. just get up + dance. great dancers are great because of their passion.”

-Martha Graham