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If you’ve felt a yearning for a life that feels more magical, abundant + joyous, but you’ve been stuck in patterns yielding the same results, the time has come for you to BREAK FREE.

The life you desire is within reach. I’m here to help you integrate your blocks + claim it.


Most of us have a general idea of what we need to do to feel more vital + achieve success, but we have resistance + deeply ingrained patterns preventing us from truly changing our lives.

By committing to a few subtle changes + with consistent support to create new habits, you can dramatically alter your reality.


Having received healing protocols and wellness coaching from Melissa as well as witnessing the healing of others under her guidance, I confidently recommend Melissa’s services. Her holistic advice has helped me through times of dis-ease.  She has a wealth of knowledge and talent that she shares generously along with an intuitive knowledge of what is needed to enhance one’s life

Melissa’s passionate energy and strength are supportive and caring; she is a keen listener and a brilliant light in times of challenge.  She walks the walk and leads with integrity.  I have learned and continue to learn much from Melissa, if you are intrigued by her services, I urge you to follow through, there is much to be received from this informed being.

Kate N

My overall impression of Melissa as a healer is that she is incredibly competent, generous and caring. Melissa has demonstrated her commitment to making sure that her care is having the desired positive impact by consistently following up and adjusting her recommendations accordingly. She’s very knowledgeable about a whole range of healing and wellness tools and takes a holistic approach that makes so much sense! Her professionalism and confidence help me feel really comfortable and safe in her hands.

Melissa is an awesome example of practicing what you preach, her commitment to health and wellness for herself, her family and her community is palpable and has inspired me greatly in my own decision making. She has a gentle but earnest way of helping you see where you could be doing better in terms of your health and wellness and she is not one to give up on a challenge!

With the medical and pharmaceutical industry where it is, I am so grateful for people like Melissa, reminding us that we can heal ourselves and guiding us on the path to do so.

Lucy M

Melissa is a valuable resource in the community that we are all so fortunate to have. After years of treating physical ailments associated with Lyme disease with allopathic medicine, I continued to struggle without permanent relief. My health issues severely impacted my life and were preventing me from achieving my goals and making my dreams a reality.

Making the investment in Melissa was the best thing that I have ever done for myself since our work together gave me the knowledge and tools to gain command over my health and my life. I’ve since learned that Melissa is highly professional, dedicated and superbly talented in everything that does. Those skills combined with Melissa’s passion to improve people’s lives make her the perfect choice for anyone seeking to improve their lives.

Michael S

Melissa is one of those people who’s actually magic. When we met, I was desperately attempting to control disabling chronic pain symptoms with an impressive list of hospitalizations, surgical procedures, and prescription drugs.

After twelve weeks working with Melissa, I’m pharmaceutical-free and finally waking the path of true healing!

Sarah Q

Melissa helped me greatly over the past two years with nutrition coaching and holistic healing consultation. Most significant was her helping me get pregnant through coaching me on better food choices and guiding me in learning homeopathy which fostered a healthy body for getting pregnant. After becoming pregnant, I continued working with Melissa to treat sinus infections and colds with homeopathy instead of over the counter meds and pharmaceuticals.

Melissa has helped me and my baby stay healthy solely through homeopathy and for that, I am forever grateful. I highly recommend her for nutrition and homeopathic coaching.

Mara S

I reached out to Melissa when my life of juggling career, family and bad eating habits had finally caught up with me. I was suffering with chronic insomnia, constant stomach aches and worry was a normal state of mind.

After practicing with Melissa for just three weeks I’m sleeping soundly, my energy is high, the worry and stomach aches are gone. An added bonus? I’ve lost ten pounds!

Melissa fuses principles of movement, nutrition, homeopathy and wellness and makes them relevant based on individual growth. Melissa is knowledgable, compassionate, professional. She listens and takes what is shared and develops a practical plan suited to specific goals to live your best life. Her calm demeanor immediately created a space to step into to start my healing. I’m excited to continue implementing the practices Melissa has taught me.

Nancy J

reclaim your life.

We have fallen asleep as a species + in our slumber, lost the SPARK that ignites us. We have lost the MOVEMENT that fans our flames. We have forgotten our CONNECTION with life all around us that keeps us turned on + fully engaged in our human vessel.

My passion lies in helping people find their spark, reclaim their movement + begin to remember + feel their primal connection to life around them. Wherever you are in your journey to embodied wholeness, I can help you achieve your goals.


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